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Blood line page:


Blood line:


''13th apostle'' Christian drakonis
he made Amel
Amel fused with Akasha
They bore Malek
Akasha made four Enkil,Maharet,Rowan,khayman
Malek had two sons Flavious,Mael
Mael made Magnus
God of the grove made Marius
Marius made four David taldot,pandora,armand
Armond made danial molley
Magnus made Lestat
Lestat made louis,jesse,claudia,nicoles and birth mother gabrielle
Louis made Madeline
Pandora made four Ammon,santino,bianca,thorne
Santino made Gabrial-1043 ad./962 yrs old
Gabrial made four carian,gunner,demi and Nole

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