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Biography and Statistics:



Biography and stats:


''The creation of all whom are damned''
In the beginning, there were three angels,(Malek abu raheem,Christian drackonis, and the Seraphim Vampire Mekai ) who were far too concerned with the sufferings of mankind.They began to dought God and question his treatment of show the angels there mistake( or in other words,punish them) God spurned them to the mortal realm in order that they could find out for themselves just how evil human nature really is. He let them retain there heavenly powers. but only during the nighttime, for they were to feign as mortals in the daytime. However, He also made it so that with the resurgence of there powers came a thirst for human blood. This is to show them how cruelly mortals treated those who were not not like themselves. He wanted them to see the hatred,disgust,prejudice in which humans regarded things that were foreign to them. He hoped that in seeing the true nature of the mortals . The three angels would seek redemption and forgiveness,and would thus returned to heaven. The three angels set out to find a release for suffering of mankind. However their eventual thirst for BLOOD overwhelmed them, which compelled them to feed on the humans.
 One night,while one of the angels were feeding(mekai),the victim managed to gash him, and accidentally drank of the angels blood. The victim immediately gained immortal powers, which shocked the angel. He told the others of what had occured, and one of his companions(Christian) took it as a sign that this was the way to free mankind from suffering- to turn them all into ''divine beings''. However,another disagreed(Malek). during his time on earth, he had begun to see the evils of the mortals and WISHED nothing more than to go back to heaven. He went his seperate way to hide from the world and seek redemption from god.God tested Malek with the powers of a Djinn, to see how he would conduct himself. The other two angels stayed together. converting many mortals into beings like themselves. In this way,they would never age,get sick,or even die.Over time however one of the angels(Christian) began to scorn god. He believed now that he had made these mortals like himself,he did not need god anymore,and one day create an empire that would rival heaven itself.His ambition caused a falling out with The Seraphim, Gabrial Mekai ...who only wanted to end the mortals suffering, He decided to walk the earth and ponder his prophecy, for now the Saraphim-Angel has become a 'Orickle' (A prophet) A Brother of his congragation, He met and befriended two. A couple Gunner james and his mate Demi.In the end the Fallen separted,untill they can mend there friendship, now known as the ''13th opostle'' Christian drackonis has began to form a ''divine empire''. This brought god's wrath. He decided to vanquish the ''evil one's'' and caused anyone with the BLOOD of those angels to burn under the rays of the SUN. From then on, that the line of immortals were cursed with the inability to face daylight.
'':From the foot notes of The Vampire, Gabrial Mekai :''




Monickcr:''The Seraphim'',''Brother'',''The Vampire''
Name:  Gabrial Mekai
Real Name: Mekai De Jordanus
years been pro: 08-21-99 - current date
Age: 1,896 years old
d.o.b: June 28th,106 c.e.
Weight: 185lbs
Tag-team: The Fallen
Title's held: The Fallen(current CREWrestling World tag team champions)Three man combo.justin sane,jynxx,brother mekai.
Manager: Eva destruction.
Finisher's: The Circle Of Sin,(spinning head,leg whipp),The Orickle''version of the Spear,The Prophetsy,''reverse face buster'',Scabbed wings''bottem rope spinning leg drop''
Qoute: ''May All Seraphim's have mercy on your soul''
Company working for: open contract worker
Company's worked for:
United wrestling assosiation- California
World hardcore wrestling federation- California
Rocky mountain championship wrestling-Colorado
Mid-west wrestling federation- Colorado
Mile hi pro wrestling-Colorado
Hi-velocity wrestling-Colorado
Iwa-DZ- North-carolina
Ring side pro-boxing-Colorado
Apw-Hayward California
United wrestling alliance-California
Awa-Rocky mountain wrestling-Colorado
Coastal Real Extreme Wrestling-North Carolina
SEWA- North Carolina
ALLWA-el paso texas


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